Joseph's Master Key Experience

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Week 24

Life without judgement or opinions has become so much easier! I begin to understand people’s needs and wants better as I become more intuned  to their needs. This becomes important in becoming the observer.

Silence deepens my resolve as I am finally becoming the man in the glass and the importance of my increased self confidence aids me on a daily basis!


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Week 23

Life becomes easier as we ease opinions out of the way. It’s not that I don’t have opinions I still have them. When you control your mind and become self directed in your thinking it’s easier to not express them. By not expressing an opinion you become more approachable to people which is a very good thing.

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Lesson 22a

My week has been hectic but as a trial run for silence I am understanding life and the strength of observation without judging. While observing I have noticed constant judging in others. As I become a more directed thinker and I love everyone more unconditionally and wish the best for them I feel layers of my old self be shed like layers of an onion!

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Week 22

In my Lenten scripture for this week.Proverbs 10:19 Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut. Wow if this proverb hasn’t hit home this week with silence. Talk can lead to all types of maladies as I have learned leads to lots of judging.

I am welcoming the silence although I am a talker I think the silence helps us connect with our deeper self on many levels. This will lead to true tranquility as Mark mentioned on Sunday. I believe that to learn to direct your thoughts takes the tranquility of silence.

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Week 21

This week was very hard. My cousin Frank’s funeral was on Wed. I noticed at a funeral people Try to be supportive but they are not sure how to be supportive. I have learned that the best thing is to give people space because everyone’s grief is different people often think that since they have gone through the loss of a spouse they know how it feels. In essence one person can not guage another person’s path from grief to healing.

Then many people at the luncheon were actually judging other people by what they were saying about other people there was a point prior to this course that I may have judged but once your quiet people notice and wonder why I was so quiet. The judging is noticeable as people have done it for so long I realize I am very good at not judging but it might happen every once in a while and then I notice and stop. I truly believe that these things are never seen by people until the take a course and are giving it up that they notice

The other thing I noticed is humor people are always nervous about their own mortality. They laugh as a nervous reaction to the fact that we all die eventually.  However I have learned that once you realize you are the world’s greatest miracle the nervousness and fear about death is gone.  Once you believe that everything is a miracle it gets easier because death becomes a miracle as our transition into my new spiritual life in heaven. It’s awesome that petty things that once seemed so important are being shed to the side.


Week 20

Today I will live this day as if it is my last. This scroll was brought to life as I learned of my cousins death this morning.  Frank was a very fit active guy and his death was a shock. As we go through life as we become more self directed thinkers we always keep our promises ,we are more driven to be leaders. This weekend we got together with my cousin and his wife we agreed that we just need to get together like this more often .  I had orchestrated the get together it is better to spend quality time with people and not let life control us.

I am so greatful to become a more self directed thinker as I feel I control my life!  Life does not control the new me.n


Week 19

I am loving the journaling and thought I would share my day .I had to talk to a client about a landscaping job in their yard. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it was the neighbor to tell us that she ran into my car, The reason I bring this up is because the neighbor told me and took responsibility for hitting my car and this was a nice moment I wanted to share along with getting the landscaping job.

As I am seeing on a daioly basis is how nice people are and I may not have noticed except life is much better as everything I think of or notice is positive> Anyone else feel this way?