Joseph's Master Key Experience

Week 14 My Life


My life is evolving! I realize that I am changing for the better!My DMP is a big help as I am working on the new me! The Guy in the glass has helped me think about the only opinion that matters in my improvement is me!

It was amazing at Christmas I noticed my sister talking about other people. Now I was listening and not judging, however I have to wonder when this judging goes on doesn’t this take away from attaining a more enjoyable life?

I feel this course is the best gift I have given to myself!


2 thoughts on “Week 14 My Life

  1. I, too, experienced the same types of ‘discussion’s about people’, and realized how much I had grown with this course, by not engaging in gossip or negative thinking. It’s so awesome to learn/practice/apply, isn’t it!


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