Joseph's Master Key Experience

Week 16

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As we progress in the course and through life I am loving the accountability of kindness in the alliances . I see kindness in the small things! There is kindness everywhere in places I never would have looked before I feel strength and power coming from the new exercises and the old ones  combined together!

On my journey I am seeing that parts of my old self that are gone are still present in others. For example I have seen the act of talking about other people Gossip is so pevalent in other people I fell this could be due to a lack of confidence in self. Does any one agree?





One thought on “Week 16

  1. Joseph, I have always thought of it more as a way we digress from looking at ourselves. Looking for what’s not acceptable in others other then not looking at what’s not acceptable in ourselves. It’s a form of resistance to being accountable for ourselves. Of course this is my opinion. What do you think?


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