Joseph's Master Key Experience

Week 19


I am loving the journaling and thought I would share my day .I had to talk to a client about a landscaping job in their yard. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it was the neighbor to tell us that she ran into my car, The reason I bring this up is because the neighbor told me and took responsibility for hitting my car and this was a nice moment I wanted to share along with getting the landscaping job.

As I am seeing on a daioly basis is how nice people are and I may not have noticed except life is much better as everything I think of or notice is positive> Anyone else feel this way?


3 thoughts on “Week 19

  1. Absolutely, the Law of Growth right?


  2. absolutely! makes life so enjoyable, right?!


  3. Yes. You’re attracting the kind of people you’re becoming. Sweet, huh?


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