Joseph's Master Key Experience

Week 21

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This week was very hard. My cousin Frank’s funeral was on Wed. I noticed at a funeral people Try to be supportive but they are not sure how to be supportive. I have learned that the best thing is to give people space because everyone’s grief is different people often think that since they have gone through the loss of a spouse they know how it feels. In essence one person can not guage another person’s path from grief to healing.

Then many people at the luncheon were actually judging other people by what they were saying about other people there was a point prior to this course that I may have judged but once your quiet people notice and wonder why I was so quiet. The judging is noticeable as people have done it for so long I realize I am very good at not judging but it might happen every once in a while and then I notice and stop. I truly believe that these things are never seen by people until the take a course and are giving it up that they notice

The other thing I noticed is humor people are always nervous about their own mortality. They laugh as a nervous reaction to the fact that we all die eventually.  However I have learned that once you realize you are the world’s greatest miracle the nervousness and fear about death is gone.  Once you believe that everything is a miracle it gets easier because death becomes a miracle as our transition into my new spiritual life in heaven. It’s awesome that petty things that once seemed so important are being shed to the side.


One thought on “Week 21

  1. Life is certainly a constant series of challenges, choices and lessons.


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