Joseph's Master Key Experience

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Week 18

As I progress through the course I am noticing the world is a better place to live part of that is because there is no one like me in it except me. I believe this course.  has helped my focus change to those around me and not me.

In this way when service is key people react in a nicer way when it’s about them. I believe everyone needs to be served to bring out there best if that makes sense?

The change to the new me becomes easier each day, however there are still struggles with the old me every once in a while feels like a fight between the old me and the new me. Although this occurs less and less as I progress through the course!!



Week 17 hj

I am in week 17 hj I’m seeing growth continuing as I notice my most liberating feeling comes from being a servant. I have a landscaping business and I believe if service comes first money will follow as God provides. I see this each time customers are satisfied and you receive their positive feedback with humility you become very genuine and people will give more to get more.


My small business will be even greater this year as the new me continues to emerge.

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Weeek 17

My journey thus far has been incredible! Love the exercises and am really grasping what was said in the webinar yesterday about giving myself permission to CLAIM the power of HAPPINESS! Once you give yourself permission the power grows and grows! Happiness is everywhere through the power of abundant growth!

Once power is claimed and we no longer fear it all things are possible! This week I complete all tasks in happiness. The tasks are  much easier when accomplished in a state of happiness. Happiness can lead to miracles.  I was overtaken with the Einstein Quote “There are two ways to look at life. One is as if nothing is a miracle the other is as if everything is a miracle! I choose to look at life as if everything is a miracle.

Through this new positive outlook I saw kindness everywhere last week! This week I will look for self control! I know I will see it in abundance. I know I have it within me and will see my self control grow through the week!

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Week 16


As we progress in the course and through life I am loving the accountability of kindness in the alliances . I see kindness in the small things! There is kindness everywhere in places I never would have looked before I feel strength and power coming from the new exercises and the old ones  combined together!

On my journey I am seeing that parts of my old self that are gone are still present in others. For example I have seen the act of talking about other people Gossip is so pevalent in other people I fell this could be due to a lack of confidence in self. Does any one agree?





Week 15

I love the new me emerging. I have a sense of awe when people see the new me emerging. I love the symbol idea it is a tremendous help when getting through the day positive. Love the gratitude cards as I see the new positive me emerge.  I compare this process to metamorphosis.

Interestingly as I am changing I see people who have a negative outlook I would love to see as many people take this class. I love it and I am becoming more self confident with the passing days my excitement level is very high with all the new tools helping to cement the new me and letting go of the old me.


Week 14 My Life

My life is evolving! I realize that I am changing for the better!My DMP is a big help as I am working on the new me! The Guy in the glass has helped me think about the only opinion that matters in my improvement is me!

It was amazing at Christmas I noticed my sister talking about other people. Now I was listening and not judging, however I have to wonder when this judging goes on doesn’t this take away from attaining a more enjoyable life?

I feel this course is the best gift I have given to myself!

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Week 13-Blogging about my Experience

Blogging is a very unique way to let the positive juices flow!!I am currently becoming much more positive as I realize the positive attitude throughout the day helps me become a much better person!

Although the thing Im realizing many people are not as positive as I am becoming the No Judging helps a lot as does the cards it helps to add more cards everyday! Hard to be negative and greatful at the same time! As I add more cards the negativity continues to fade!

Today has been a challenge talking to people I know who are negative I have listened an am no longer pulled into the self pity trap As Im listening to them Im thinking of God and I put my fingers on the gratitude cards which helps too!! Thus my point hard to be grateful and negative at the same time! Are the cards working for everyone?